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Find the Right Investors Who Can Fund You!

Don’t knock on the wrong doors. Your business may not be a good fit for every investor. Therefore, first check whether your business fits into the fund’s investment philosophy or not.

Our AI enabled system matches your business with 40,000 investors and identifies the relevant ones. They are further vetted by our analysts to ensure a perfect match

Get Them Interested in Your Venture

Most startup do not know how to contact the right investors and what material should be sent to them. We solve this problem as well.

We help you prepare a compelling message and send it out directly to the investors. Our aim is to get them interested in your venture.

Interested Investors - ALTIN
Pitch your idea on call to investors - ALTIN

Get on a Confirmed 1on1 call with the Investors

Pitch your venture directly to the interested investors. We get you on a private 1 on 1 call with the investors so that you can explain your business idea to them.

Investors invest in you and not your idea. Therefore, speak to them & tell your story on your own!

Schedule a free call with us to discuss your fund raising plans

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